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Welcoming New Staff!

Erie Niagara AHEC is excited to announce two additions to our programmatic team: Ryan James, Program Specialist - Collegiate Pipeline, and Wendy Kinsinger, Program Specialist for Education and Training. Please join us in welcoming our new team members!

Ryan is a graduate of the class of 2022 from Daemen University. Her areas of study include Psychological Science and Community Health Promotion. In the past four years, Ryan has gained experience working to promote local systemic change within the Daemen community and the Erie/Niagara County area. During her time at Daemen University, she also served as a diversity ambassador and peer educator. Outside of academia, Ryan enjoys flow performance art, making jewelry from recycled materials, and exploring the outdoors.

Ryan currently oversees the AHEC Scholars and the Opioid Prevention Education Project. To learn more about these programs, email Ryan at

Wendy spent over two decades in higher education as a college professor teaching Women’s History, History of the Americas, and U.S. History. In 2018 she began working on the Guided Pathways student equity project, which further fueled her commitment to address inequities. Wendy delights in educating people and lights up like a star in front of a class. She’s also a risk-taker, moving from San Diego, California to Buffalo sight unseen in 2021, and she loves it here. Wendy is a mother of two and grandmother to, according to her, “the most awesome human.” Finally, she believes the Bills will win a Superbowl in the next three years, “mark my words”!

Wendy oversees all aspects of Erie Niagara AHEC's Continuing Education programs. To learn more about our training offerings, email Wendy at

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