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Erie Niagara AHEC is dedicated to creating a diverse healthcare workforce and well-informed community. Our educational programs address community health issues such as maternal health, opioid use, and health literacy. By joining forces with health professionals, high schools, universities, and students, we aim to expand the pipeline of student to professional networks within the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Erie Niagara AHEC offers educational programs to high school and college students that develop skills and encourage entry into healthcare professions. Additional programs include continuing education and training programs for current health professionals. Erie Niagara AHEC also provides community education events on important health topics including health literacy, opioid use, and maternal health. Our programs offer something for everyone!

"I believe that this program is sculpting me to be the type of health professional I want to become. It has given me real-world experience in engaging patients and how to go about providing effective intervention."

Kofi, AHEC Scholar

Our Mission

Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center (ENAHEC) transforms and creates a diverse health workforce by educating, exposing, and connecting future and current health professionals to underserved and underrepresented communities in Erie and Niagara counties.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Erie Niagara AHEC envisions a community in which all members receive quality, equitable healthcare from providers who look like them.

Meet the Team


Brittany Tranello, LMSW

Interim Executive Director


Ondalee Horton

Program Manager


Sydney Littlejohn, MPH

Operations and Programs Administrator


Ryan James, BS

Program Specialist -

Collegiate Pipeline


Madeline Ackley, MPH

Program Specialist -

Birth Equity Project


Kalia McCray, MPH

Program Specialist -

Birth Equity Project

Board of Directors


Walter B. Holland, Jr., DDS

Board Chair

Charles Walker


Bryan M. Cacciotti, AICP, MUP



Corinne E. Abrams, MPH

Laura Berrady, MBA

Samuel Borbor-Sawyer

Louis Dangelo, MCHES

Rachel Ersing, DC, MBA, MAOL, LMT

Bernadette Giles

Alexcia Harrod, MPA

Tara Jefferson, RN, BS, MBA

Mattie L. Rhodes, PhD, RN

Leishia Smallwood, MPAAdvisor

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Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center 

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Phone: 716.835.9358

Address: 77 Goodell St, Suite 460, Buffalo, NY 14203

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