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Let's Doula This! Erie Niagara AHEC Trains 12 New Doulas

This October, Erie Niagara AHEC helped train a cohort of 12 new doulas in partnership with DONA International, Melinated Moms, and Calming Nature Doula! Funded by the Health Foundation of Central and Western New York, these doulas were recruited to participate and expand the New York State Doula Pilot Program, which allows for Medicaid-eligible moms to work with a doula before, during, and after their birth at no cost. These participants are on track to become certified doulas through DONA International, and have also completed Melinated Mom's Find Your Roar advocacy training to learn how to advocate for themselves as well as their future clients.

In addition to the doula training, these talented ladies will undergo supplemental trainings on topics such as nutrition, opioid use and pregnancy, pelvic floor therapy, breastfeeding, cultural competency, and trauma-informed care. After shadowing practicing doulas in the field, they will be paired with Medicaid-eligible Black and Brown moms in Erie County. By providing this population with the support of doulas, we are working to reduce the number of health disparities seen in our community’s maternal and infant population. We are excited to see what their work will do in our community!

If you are a Medicaid-eligible Black or Brown mother in Erie county and you would like to be connected with a doula to help you through your prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum journey at no cost, apply with Erie Niagara AHEC by December 9th at Please contact with questions.

Doula Training Class 2022

Melinated Moms

Find Your Roar training

Practicing labor comfort positions during doula training

Learning how to relieve back pain and pressure during contractions

Find Your Roar group hug after completing the Privilege Walk

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1 Comment

Susan Sosinski
Susan Sosinski
Nov 02, 2022


I am working for Erie 2 BOCES in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES. Would there be an opportunity to offer the training here? Or a train the trainer?

Thank you... Sue Sosinski

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