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  • Sydney Littlejohn

ENAHEC Proudly Introduces SHIP!

Erie Niagara AHEC has been honored to partake in the "Reimagine: I am the Change" grant, funded through the NYS Office of Mental Health. Through this opportunity, AHEC has designed a unique program to introduce students of diverse backgrounds to mental health careers.

The Student Health Internship Program (SHIP) has recruited 17 high school students and 17 collegiate mentors. Students will gain the opportunity to navigate the variety of mental health careers that spark their interest. Most excitingly, students won't be navigating by their lonesome. Each student has been paired with a mentor to help assist and guide them along the way.

Thus far, students and mentors have completed three enrichment workshops, where they tackle the social determinates of health surrounding mental health. During each session students learn the importance of diversity in medicine and participate in conversations regarding their mental health.

AHEC is committed to empowering countless youth and young adults in the community. We look forward to watching these young adults thrive!

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