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Erie Niagara Area Health Care Education Center (ENAHEC), is a workforce development initiative which is part of the New York State Area Health Education Center System (NYS AHEC System). ENAHEC was formed in September 2003 to serve Erie and Niagara counties and is dedicated to creating a well informed and diverse health care workforce. The focus of ENAHEC is to address the health care needs of the community by connecting students, academic institutions, health care facilities and current healthcare professionals to the communities in need. Through partnerships and collaborations with various agencies, ENAHEC facilitates programs for high school, college and graduate school students, as well as provide continuing education for healthcare professionals.

Did You Receive an Erie Niagara AHEC
Program Participant

You have been invited to participate in a survey being conducted by Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center. We are a health workforce development organization and our records indicate that you previously participated in one of our programs.

We are surveying past program participants to determine what impact Erie Niagara AHEC programming had on your career decision making. Results from this survey will be used to help us further meet the health career programming needs of our community.

Please complete the questionnaire (about 5 minutes) by clicking HERE.

Consent and Confidentiality: Completion of the survey is entirely voluntary, and we do not require you to provide your name. All potentially identifying information will be removed before data is analyzed.

Whats in it for you? All survey respondents will be invited to receive free Erie Niagara AHEC membership (includes subscription to newsletters, events, programs, career guidance) and will also be entered to win one of 20 available $20 gift cards. Winners will be contacted and gift cards mailed to the address provided.

Second Annual Forum: Innovative Practices in Prevention Science

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Learn more about ProjectTEACH and the services for providers.

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